Desktop Utility Mapping Records Search

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Desktop Utility Mapping Records Search

It is advisable that any Utility Mapping Survey is backed up with the relevant “STATS” / service plans held by all of the utility companies that affect the location being surveyed.

Midland Survey will contact all utility companies that may affect the location, each reply will be compiled into a report showing each affected and each non-affected company. We will also report any documentation displaying the location and other information about each service.

The records will also allow us to gain important information which would otherwise not be possible to gain through normal surveying methods such as:

- Sizes and materials of gas and water pipes
- Cable voltage
- Abandoned underground utilities

If we are conducting a Utility Survey, this information will be provided to the surveyor before visiting site, so they have the best understanding of what lies beneath.

The report will be emailed or posted depending on the clients’ requirements.



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