Underground Utility Mapping Surveys

Drainage Survey, Utility Mapping in London

Underground Utility Mapping Surveys

Our 'in-house' underground utility survey department has a wide range of the most up to date equipment including electromagnetic locators and ground penetrating rader (GPR). This allows us to provide our clients with a highly accurate and cost effective service. We work with clients to achieve exactly what they require. Whether you want the information;

- Plotted onto an existing CAD drawing.
- Added to an Ordnance Survey extract.
- Presented on a spreadsheet.
- Part of a package of new information (including both topographical and utility survey work)

Full Utility Mapping

Working together with the client, we will be able to assess their needs and identify the appropriate survey techniques (to accurately locate underground utilities such as gas, electric, comms cables, BT, water and sewers etc).

Using the latest technology, we are able to locate services on site and transfer the results either onto existing 3rd Party topographical survey plans (provided by the client) or a new topographical survey (basic or detailed) (provided by ourselves) as part of a complete package.

We aim to provide our clients with the best picture and understanding of the existing underground services on site using the latest technology.

As standard, we use ground penetrating radar (GPR), this is a very useful instrument used to locate services such as plastic gas and plastic water pipes etc. where electromagnetic principles are not effective.


We can provide a comprehensive survey of the sewers that exist on site. This would provide our clients with pipe sizes, depths and direction of flow. This information will be plotted onto a topographical base plan (as already specified).

GPR Survey

Radio detection techniques are unable to detect non metallic services such as; plastic water and gas, fibre optics and also drainage runs (which can not be traced using a line trace or a sonde). These are all of the services that can potentially be traced using our ground penetrating radar.

The GPR emits pulses of energy into the ground which return showing disturbances, changes, pipes etc. The information is analysed on site and added to the utility survey that we are producing.

Ground penertrating radar is used on every site that we survey at no extra cost. We believe that radio detection equipment and GPS should always be used as a standard.

We are proud to be a part of the European GPR Association.

Underground Utility Mapping Survey Examples

Utility Survey - London Petrol Station
Underground Utility Survey of a Petrol station in London.


What is Underground Utility Mapping?

Underground Utility Mapping is the practice of locating, identifying and recording the underground utility services of any given area. The Utility Surveyor will use a variety of equipment and methods to locate the position of each service. Then details of the service will be recorded i.e. pipe size, pipe material, flow directions, water type, invert level, voltage etc.

All the data is then collated and normally added to one of our Topographical Surveys, but can be added to provided surveys or OS Data.

How much does an Underground Utility Mapping Survey cost?

The cost of an underground utility mapping survey is generally worked out from the length of time spent on site, this can vary depending level of survey required.

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