Renovating? Remodelling? Restoring? Then you’ve probably heard the words “measured building survey”. If you’re planning on doing any major work on your property, planning in a measured building survey is a vital part of that. Measured building surveys give you an accurate view of a building and all its structural and architectural elements. You’ll be able to get a floor plan, roof plan, elevations, sections, reflective ceiling plans… If you’ve wanted to see a plan of any part of your property, a measured building survey can help you get there. But all this doesn’t come free of course, which brings us to the question: how much does a measured building survey cost? 

But first… what are measured building surveys anyway? 

Let’s take a step back. There’s so much jargon around building surveying that it can be easy to get lost and have difficulty figuring out what you need. 

A measured building survey differs from the sort of survey you need when buying a house. A measured building survey is needed for property redevelopment or extensions. They can also be useful for homeowners who wish to build a detailed safety plan. They involve taking measurements of the building in order to produce very accurate data represented at a reduced scale. This data is shown as a floor plan, with extra levels of data like elevations and cross sections as needed. They are presented as scaled survey drawings. 

Measured building survey being carried out on a site with a crane in the background.

When commissioning a measured survey, you’ll agree on a specification for the level of detail and accuracy, as well as delivery time. 

So… how much does a measured building survey cost? 

We know you’ve clicked on this blog post hoping for a clear cut answer, but the truth is that every measured building survey will cost something different. Fees will depend on a few things: 

What you need a measured building survey for

Do you just want floor plans? Roof plans? Sections? Elevations? A combination? The whole package? Depending on what you need from your survey, the cost will vary. Here at Midland Survey, we can produce the surveys listed above in isolation or as an integrated package. We will work with you to adapt your plans and advise you on what you’ll need, in a way that fits with your objective and your budget. 

Why you need a measured building survey

If you’re renovating, you may need a different set of information than if you’re adding on a major extension. 

The property itself

A small, simple property with easy access will cost less to survey than a sprawling property which is tricky to access. For instance, a measured survey floor plan of a simple flat, with reasonable access, may require 3 or 4 hours on site and a day’s work generating a CAD drawing (in plan view only) of each floor. This may cost about £1000 (plus VAT) – however, remember that this is just an estimate and may not be applicable to your situation, even if it’s similar. 

The measured building survey itself

If you just need a simple floor or roof plan, this will cost less than a full package survey. 

As soon as extra levels of detail are needed, the time needed to complete the survey will increase, and so will the price. If the building is very ornate and a high level of accuracy and detail is required, for example, then the survey is likely to cost more. 

Women in high vis and hard hat is measuring a wall and holding an ipad.

For instance, if there is very little sufficient safe access, then a laser scanning drone may be needed, which can be pricey. If this data can be taken from survey imagery and a laser theodolite survey, a drone may not be needed, but this method is less accurate. 

What equipment is used for a measured building survey?

So, you know that the equipment needed can bump up the price of your survey (like laser drone usage), which might naturally make you curious about the rest of the equipment. The standard equipment will be the same for every survey though, and won’t drive your cost up. 

Here’s a list of the standard equipment it’s likely for a surveyor to need: 

  • Tape measure and laser measure

A  laser tape measure is the modern, hyper accurate counterpart of the good old traditional tape measure. It can measure up to 20 metres, with an accuracy of 2 millimetres. These are speedy, accurate, and easy to use. 

Your surveyor is still likely to carry a traditional tape measure though, for taking small measurements quickly. 

  • Laser Scanners 

Our range of laser scanning equipment can pick up millions of measured points to give a detailed outline of a building. This technology is efficient and accurate.

  • PPE

You’re most likely to see a surveyor in PPE, including safety shoes, high vis, gloves and a helmet. 

Surveyor using measured building survey equipment with blue skies behind him.

Here at Midland Survey, we recently invested in new survey equipment, so we can undertake the high-tech parts of the surveying with accuracy, efficiency and ease. 

Get a quote for a measured building survey

We know, you came to this blog looking for answers and we’ve only been able to give you rough estimates. Due to the huge range of buildings and the differences from one survey to the next, it’s nearly impossible to answer this question without talking about your specific circumstances. 

The best way to get an accurate estimate of how much a measured building survey costs is to get in touch with a surveyor. They’ll be able to advise you based on your needs and your property. If you’re based in the United Kingdom and you’re after a measured building survey, contact us today. We can advise you and help you make your renovation dreams a reality.