Measured building surveys

Every building is unique. Combining traditional survey methods with the latest technology including FARO scanners for external work and smaller handheld 3D scanners for internal work, our expert team of Measured Building Surveyors provide highly accurate floor plans, sections and elevations for existing buildings and structures.

Measured Building Surveys

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Every structure is unique and consequently so is every project we undertake. Different priorities, wide ranging objectives and varying budgets will all contribute to specifications that we are happy to adapt to and advise on. We can produce many of the surveys listed below in isolation or as an integrated package of survey drawings.

Measured Building Surveys

Our floor plans provide accurate and detailed plans of a building’s layout and structural features including walls, windows, doors, beams, floor and ceiling heights.

Floor plans represent a horizontal “slice” of your building or structure cut just above the ground. From simple room-to-room floor plans to drawings showing fixtures and fittings, light switches, sanitaryware and radiators, your floor plans can include as much or as little detail as you need. In addition to traditional tools like a level and staff, we have invested extensively in the latest technology including FARO and handheld 3D scanners. That way, you can be sure our expert team of measured building surveyors can map your site and produce your drawings both as efficiently and as accurately as possible.

Measured Building Surveys

Whether you’re renovating or starting from scratch, our highly-detailed roof plans can help you proceed with absolute confidence in this crucial stage of your project.

Taking into account the dimensions, shape, and design of your roof, as well as high-level features like windows, skylights and chimneys, our two-dimensional roof plans can be included as part of your measured building survey, or independently as a separate entity. Our experienced team of measured building surveyors can use cutting-edge FARO scanners to map your existing roof and provide information where there is no safe and direct access.

Measured Building Surveys

Internal elevations give you a real idea of what it will be like to walk around your space and can help you make important architectural and interior design decisions – such as where to install cupboards, plumbing, electrical sockets and windows.

We provide internal elevation drawings for buildings of all shapes and sizes, from the interior of Cathedrals, to the smallest offices. Working with cutting-edge 3D scanning technology, our expert team of measured building surveyors have the knowledge and expertise to finish your drawings with an exceptional level of detail. Our work encompasses everything from the spectacular such as fireplaces and ornate stone work, to the smaller details like electrical points and pipework.

Measured Building Surveys

External elevation drawings can be provided independently or as part of a complete building survey.

Midland Survey prides itself on the quality of its drawings and this is ably demonstrated with the high level of detail and standard of presentation that our drawings provide without compromising their usability.

Measured Building Surveys

Reflected ceiling plans can be provided which show all ceiling detail at the same orientation as the floor plan associated with it.

The amount of detail plotted on the plan is tailored to your requirements, showing ceiling features from bulkheads, soffits, tile grids and electrical fixtures to architectural detail such as mouldings and cornices.

Using remote surveying techniques there is no need for our surveyors to cause disruption with ladders etc. Using our scanning equipment, ornate ceilings can be surveyed accurately from floor level, to a high level of detail. More basic information can be incorporated into our floor plan drawings or, for a higher level of information, they can be produced as an independent entity.

Measured Building Surveys

Using ultra-modern 3D scanning technology allows our expert measured building surveyors to reproduce as much structural detail as possible from the exterior of the building without having to physically enter.

Section detail can be produced independently or as part of a complete measured building survey. Our team of building survey specialists also produce sectional-elevation drawings that incorporate internal elevation detail. Sections work well in all kinds of scenarios and are useful in providing information on how a structure works. As well as producing sections through buildings, we have also produced sections through areas of land and waterways.

Measured Building Surveys

Deformation surveys help us closely observe and measure any changes to the shape or dimensions of a structure that can occur over time.

These changes can be caused by the pressure of applied loads and other external stress factors. Proper analysis of the speed and scale of this movement can be integral in deciding the actions that need to be taken to mitigate any potential causes or consequences. Using a combination of a precise level and a Total Station, our expert team of deformation surveyors set up and leave equipment on your premises so vertical and horizontal movement can be measured accurately over a predetermined period of time.

Measured Building Surveys

As-built surveys can be carried out at any stage of your construction project, taking precise measurements of the inside and outside of your structures to ensure they conform to the proposed site plans.

As-built surveys can be carried out at several key points of your project to record any variations on site from the engineering plans provided. They are especially helpful when a construction project reaches completion, ensuring that all aspects have been constructed correctly and highlighting any potential problem areas. Our team of As-built surveyors will tailor your survey to your exact specifications, providing you with a rendering that promotes absolute transparency between all project stakeholders. Information can be provided as a CAD drawing or a spreadsheet containing  area sizes and critical dimensions.

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If you like the look of our work and have an upcoming project in mind, get in touch. We can advise you on the type of survey you need and execute it with complete precision.


Measured building surveys show the floor plans, sections,  external elevations and if required internal elevations of a structure or building. They are carried out for verification purposes, planning for structural redevelopment and refurbishment.

A measured building survey for an average house would take approximately a day on site. The time it takes to complete the survey depends on the size of the building and how much detail is required.

The price of a measured building survey starts from around £1000.  Although this can vary depending on many factors. Factors that affect the cost of a measured building survey include: whether 2D drawings or 3D BIM models are made, the building size, location, how many floors there are, whether internal, external or both elevations are taken and the accessibility of the site.