One obstacle to keeping drains and sewers in good working order is that they are hidden from view. As a result, they could become beset with issues that you fail to notice until they develop into major problems — by which time, the repair bill could be much larger.

Hence, there are many instances that can call for a CCTV drainage survey. What is a CCTV drainage survey? It’s where a remote-controlled camera unit is inserted into a drainage system to capture any problems.

Consequently, a tradesperson doesn’t need to dig up the ground or manually enter the pipes. Instead, an engineer views a high-definition CCTV drainage imagery on a monitor, meaning the pipe can be assessed remotely.

What issues could CCTV drainage surveying detect?

CCTV drainage surveys with state-of-the-art technology can nip drainage issues in the bud, saving time and money. 

If we find a blockage, we can clear it with jetting equipment or a Jet-Vac recycler and combination tanker units. Other drainage dilemmas we could include leaks, collapsed drains, animal intrusions or wear and tear.

What technology do CCTV drainage surveys use?

This can differ depending on what company is offering the surveys. However, for CCTV drainage surveys, our specialists use a cutting-edge Vivax vCam-6 push rod system and mainline pan and tilt crawlers.

With this technology, we can survey pipe diameters of up to 1.8m. After a survey is complete, we can present the customer with an AutoCAD drawing on the survey’s findings, including defects.

How could you initially tell that something is wrong with your drainage system?

Of course, sometimes, there will be tell-tale signs that you may have drainage problems. For example, if a sink, toilet, bath or shower in your property drains slowly, or you have drains that keep flooding, there could be a blockage in the system.

A blockage can, in turn, lead to other problems. A blockage could result in trapped air in the pipes making gurgling sounds for instance. Pipes can also burst, causing leakage that could go unnoticed for long periods.

When should you arrange a drainage survey?

These are all scenarios where a CCTV drainage survey would be warranted. However, if you are looking to buy a property, a ‘pre-purchase drain survey’ can give you an in-depth insight into the condition of that property’s drainage system, allowing you to make a fully informed decision.

If you are the landlord of a rental property, it’s your responsibility to ensure its sewage works before leasing the property. Organising a drainage survey at this stage can help you prevent surprise drainage issues during the tenancy.

How long would it take us to complete a CCTV survey for you?

This can depend on many different factors, including the length and diameter of the drains to be scrutinised. Another influence is the type of property served by the drains. Here at Midland Survey, we have been trained in surveying drains of homes and workplaces alike.

However, before conducting any CCTV drainage survey for you, we will provide you with an estimate of how long it should take. While a survey of a small drainage system can last less than two hours, you will have to wait longer than this if your drainage system is larger.

How much will we charge you for a CCTV drainage survey?

Here, too, there is no simple answer. However, we are able to calculate the cost ahead of time, as the price can depend on how long it should take for us to survey your drainage system through the means of using CCTV camera technology.
The property’s size is another factor — as the larger a property is, the more extensive its drainage infrastructure is. In any case, if you ask us to provide a CCTV drainage survey for you, we can offer you a quote specifying an accurate price.

How do we report our findings?

The CCTV condition surveys we offer are delivered with a professional report, accompanied by an AutoCAD drawing file provided by you or supplied by us upon request. Our detailed findings provide you with extensive and reliable information on the condition of the drainage system, indicating the location of any defects that are uncovered.

Why book your CCTV drainage survey with us?

All in all, what is a CCTV drainage survey? In essence, it involves assessing a drainage system by feeding a camera unit into it so that an engineer can view a video feed of the pipes. However, CCTV drainage surveys are not all equal in what they offer.

At Midland Survey, we have launched a Drainage Repair department capable of rectifying drainage defects identified in the CCTV drainage report. To learn more about the drainage repairs we specialise in, please call our team on 01926 810811.