Precise construction and setting out surveys play an important role in ensuring building work is accurate and completed in the correct area and position. Avoid boundary disputes, costly mistakes, or incorrect construction which could result in wasted materials, delays, and safety hazards.

Midland Survey has over 30 years of experience carrying out setting out surveys. By utilising the latest advanced technology to create accurate and high-quality results. We produce detailed drawings for you to use in your construction project. 

We will explore how we utilise advanced surveying techniques and equipment to accurately position structures, utilities, and infrastructure, laying the foundation for seamless construction workflows and precise execution.

What is a Setting Out Survey in Construction?

A setting out survey in construction is the process of transferring architectural plans onto the physical construction site. Construction workers need to use it as a guide for the accurate placement of structures, utilities, and infrastructure.

This survey marks out the key points and the guiding markers on the ground so that the construction team can build the structure in the correct position and to the correct measurements. 

The Setting Out Process at Midland Survey

When carrying out a setting out survey, the first thing we need is the architect’s plans of the land to ensure project alignment. The plans will highlight the position, angle, extent, and level of new buildings and their foundations. It is also important to consider the distance between the buildings and other structures and roads before making any plans.

Once we have liaised with the architects, our highly experienced setting-out engineer will visit the site and place physical markers in the areas identified within the plans. These physical markers are usually timber stakes, drill holes, or cut-and-fill notations.

We use a range of advanced technologies such as Total Stations and GPS technology to ensure we produce highly accurate results. This covers you from a legal perspective and can avoid any boundary disputes in the future.

GPS technology uses a network of highly accurate control points across the construction site. These points act as a reference for the total station measurements.

The total station then takes very precise measurements relative to these control points. This allows for highly detailed setting out of specific features like building footprints, utility trenches, etc.

Once all of this is complete and the drawings are made and the construction team can get started on their building work.

Benefits of Precise Setting Out

Carrying out a setting out survey is an integral part of a successful construction project. Whether you are extending a building, building a new building, or building a road or tunnel, there are an array of benefits to carrying out a setting out survey:

  • Reduced Errors: Setting out the structure reduces the chances of the structure being built in the wrong place.
  • Cost Savings: If the structure was built in the wrong place or was the wrong size, it would be costly to rectify this.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Having clear and accurate guidelines enables construction work to also be accurate and finished to a high standard.
  • Project Success: A final approved plan will reduce the risk of disputes between the client, the architect, and the builder.

Case Studies

Midland Survey has years of experience in carrying out setting out surveys across the UK. See below one of our latest projects in Birmingham:

Alfred Gunn House Sandwell

This project consisted of extensive external refurbishment of three 1960s tower blocks. Our senior engineer set out the surrounding houses, the position of new staircases, and steel work in the roof to facilitate a couple more floors.

We provide high-quality setting out surveys to ensure the safety and accuracy of construction projects we work on.

Do You Need a Setting Out Survey Carried Out?

Are you building a new house, extending a building, or building a road or tunnel? Contact us today to get a quote for a setting out survey. Save costs long term and guarantee an accurate and successful project with Midland surveys expertise and experience.