Ecological surveys in construction projects are important in moving forward responsibly by understanding the impact of the project on the local environment. This is to ensure construction work can take place safely and compliantly. Moreover, if you neglect to carry out ecological surveys, you might face anything from delays, fines to irreversible damage to species and habitats.

Did you know – scientists estimate that, due to human activity, the UK has lost around half of its biodiversity based on abundance and species richness since the Industrial Revolution? 

Here at Midland Survey, we have been providing sustainable development practices since 1988 and we have cemented our position as one of the UK’s most trusted surveying businesses. Here, we explain the importance of ecological surveys and how we conduct our surveys for sustainable development.

The Importance of Ecological Surveys in Construction Projects

There are various reasons why ecological surveys are so important in construction projects. From compliance, to protecting habitats and wildlife, it is important to implement ecological surveys when carrying out construction work.

Protecting Biodiversity 

Construction projects can disrupt habitats and endanger local wildlife. Before making any progress in the construction process, it is crucial to understand the importance of identifying existing flora and fauna to ensure steps are put in place to avoid disruption to the biodiversity in the area.

Sustainable Development

Ecological surveys play an integral role in informing sustainable construction practices. There are ways you can reduce disruption through habitat preservation or through creating wildlife corridors enabling your construction work to be sustainable.

Regulatory Compliance

Even more importantly, it is important to ensure your construction projects meet legal requirements for environmental protection. If your project isn’t meeting these requirements, the planning permission for the project could be rejected. You may also need specific licenses such as Habitat Destruction Licenses, Species Mitigation Licenses, or Environmental Impact Assessment to carry out your construction work. It is important to apply for these permits or licenses if you decide you need one based on the work carried out in the ecological survey.

How Midland Survey Conducts Ecological Surveys in Construction Work

At Midland Survey, we offer comprehensive ecological surveys. Here we take a look into different types of ecological surveys to preserve your biodiversity and the process of carrying these surveys out.

Preliminary Ecological Surveys

This survey includes an initial site assessment that helps you to understand the ecological challenges of your construction project. This early-stage survey will help inform the potential ecological impacts of your project, making it an essential survey to protect and preserve the biodiversity of your area. 

Ecological Impact Assessment

This survey identifies, assesses, and quantifies the potential impacts of your construction project on the environment, habitats, and ecosystems. It is Phase 1 of the Habitat Survey, as it includes mapping out the main habitats present on the site such as woodland, ponds, trees, and many more. 

Protected Species Assessment 

We provide comprehensive protected species surveys as part of our ecological survey services. These include water vole, owl, bat, badger, bird, newt, and reptile surveys.

Botanical Survey

This survey classifies habitats and protected species. When your project is in the pre-development phase, a botanical survey can help you understand the side effects of your project on the trees or vegetation in the area and take preventative steps to minimise disruption.

At Midland Survey, our ecological surveys accurately identify species that call your site home. Once our ecology consultants have made their appraisal of your site, you will be provided with an easy-to-understand report that can help inform the rest of your construction project.

The Benefits of Working with Midland Survey

We pride ourselves on giving proper consideration to the impact of construction work on the local environment. With our head office in Warwickshire and bases in Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire, Yorkshire, and Sussex, we work with a large network of surveyors. This provides you with the highest quality of expertise and experience for all your surveying needs.

We provide easy-to-understand and comprehensive reports for you to use as a base of knowledge for your project. We can provide this either physically or digitally depending on your preferences. 

Midland Survey will guide you through your survey from start to finish with clarity and precision. We ensure all of our surveys meet regulatory compliance requirements. Minimising any costly mistakes and allow for smooth project progress.

Carrying out Ecological Surveys in Construction Projects

As we have discussed it is important to carry out ecological surveys for sustainable and responsible construction. Get a quick quote or contact us today for all of your ecological survey needs. We can help advise you on which surveys will be best for your project.