Measured Building Surveys

3D Laser scan of a Measured Building survey in the Cotswolds

Measured Building Surveys

Using a mixture of traditional survey methods and the latest technology we are able to produce accurate and highly detailed floor plans, sections and elevations of existing buildings / structures. Our team of highly experienced surveyors have worked on thousands of building surveys over the years including (but not limited to) private dwellings, country estates, industrial buildings, churches / cathedrals, schools, offices, sports venues, universities, listed buildings and retail centres.

Floor Plans

Midland Survey has provided clients with highly detailed floor plans from the largest office blocks to the smallest outbuildings. These buildings are measured using a combination of modern and traditional techniques to produce a drawing that is both highly accurate and extremely well presented. Information that is provided can be tailored to meet the client's needs (and costs) this can even include visible electrical switches and pipework.

Roof Plans

Roof plan detail can be provided independently or as a part of a complete building survey. Information can be provided on high level features such as chimneys, where there is no direct, safe access.

Internal Elevations

Midland Survey has provided internal elevation drawings from the interior of Cathedrals to the smallest office; using suitable equipment and carried out to an extremely high level of detail. The information provided would range from features such as fireplaces and ornate stone work to electrical points and pipework.

External Elevations

External elevation drawings can be provided independently or as part of a complete building survey. Midland Survey prides itself on the quality of its drawings and this is ably demonstrated with the high level of detail and standard of presentation that our drawings provide without compromising their usability.

Reflective Ceiling Plans

Using our scanning equipment, ornate ceilings can be surveyed accurately from floor level, to a high level of detail. More basic information can be incorporated into our floor plan drawings or, for a more high level of information, they can be produced as an independent entity.


Section detail can be produced independently or as part of a complete measured building survey. These drawings will show as much structural detail as possible without any intrusive investigation. We also produce sectional-elevation drawings which incorporate internal elevation detail. As well as producing sections through buildings, we have also produced sections through areas of land and waterways.

Measured Building Survey Services


Church - Full Building Survey
Church Full Building Survey Example Drawing in london
Elevation Survey - Birmingham
Elevation measured building survey image in birmingham
Floor Plans - Measured Building Survey
Floor Plans measured building survey image in leeds
Braintree - Measured Building Survey
full measured building survey image in braintree
Liverpool - Measured Building Survey
full measured building survey image in Liverpool
Semi Detached - Building Survey
full measured building survey of semi detached house in Oxford
Volumes - London - Measured Building
Volumes and measured building survey in London
Measured Building Survey Milton Keynes
Measured Building Survey In Milton Keynes


What is a Measured Building Survey?

A Measured Building Survey is conducted to produce an accurate, scaled model of a specified building.

On-site measurements will be taken with a variety of instruments to produce the model at the required accuracy. These often include: laser scanners, distos, total stations etc.

The Measured Building Surveyor will process and interpolate the on-site measurements into a useable format in 2D or 3D, often containing floor plans, elevations and sections.

How much does a Measured Building survey cost?

The cost of a Measured Building Survey is generally worked out from the length of time spent on site; this can vary from £800 to £2000 a day, depending on the detail required.

Other factors that can affect this are: the complexity of the building, the experience of the Building Surveyor required and the addition of specialist equipment. Distance required to travel to site is not necessarily important as we have regional offices distributed across the country.

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What is a Building Surveyor?

A Building Surveyor gathers spatial data from a predefined building / area, normally to produce 2d floor plans or 3d building models, but may present the information in a variety of formats.

They will use a variety of specialist equipment for the job including: laser distance measuring devices, laser scanners, total stations, levels and a good old fashioned tape measure.

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