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Established in 1988, we are one of the UK’s most trusted – yet modern – surveying businesses. We believe in pushing the industry forward, doing everything we can to uphold standards and best practice while harnessing the power of technology to deliver a uniquely efficient, accurate and cost-effective service.


Welcome to Midland Survey Ltd

Surveyors help shape the way we live. We employ a network of highly skilled surveying experts nationwide, investing in the most sophisticated surveying equipment such as 3D scanners, Ground Penetrating Radar, precise levels and CCTV crawler units. Marrying modern technology with traditional techniques, we create precise and comprehensive surveys for our clients. 

We cover a broad range of sectors, from residential projects and country estates to commercial buildings, schools and churches – and even work in aviation environments. Midland Survey are unique in the broad range of expertise we have housed under one roof, resulting in efficient coordination between survey disciplines and a superior finished product for our customers.

Our Services

Working with speed and efficiency, we provide topographical surveys, measured building surveys, CCTV drainage surveys and utility mapping surveys among our many other specialist services. You can also speak to us about our 3D land, building and utility modelling services.

We’ll offer you the final product in several formats, so you can work with whatever suits you best. No matter how simple or complex your project, our team of experts are ready to support you with your survey needs.

Case Studies

With almost four decades of experience creating detailed surveys for our clients, we are uniquely qualified to assist you in the next phase of your project, whatever it might be. Take a look at some of our most recent work completed for our clients…

If you like the look of our work and have an upcoming project in mind, get in touch. We can advise you on the type of survey you need and execute it with complete precision.

Latest News

With so many experienced professionals doing exciting work up and down the country, there is always something exciting happening at Midland Survey.


The importance of monitoring surveys in construction projects

Author: MSL Surveys | June 1 2024


No. This is one of the services we do not provide. We recommend contacting RICS who provide information on suitable Chartered Surveyors.

Usually, the survey work is invoiced on completion. In some circumstances, we may ask for payment upfront and for extremely large projects we may arrange payment in stages.

We only accept BACS payments.