Floor Plan Surveys

Our measured building surveys include measured floor plans to demonstrate the design of the building including the measurements and positioning of rooms and their features.

Midland Survey can create measured floor plans anywhere in the UK.

Floor Plan Surveys

What is a floor plan survey?

A floor plan survey is a detailed, bird-eye view drawing of a building. It shows the layout of rooms, including information about the walls, windows, door position, heights and swings. Our high-specification surveys also included the position of electric points and fixed lighting. One floor plan is created for each level in the building.


Floor Plan Surveys

Everyone involved in a construction project can follow the detailed floor plans, improving communication between engineers and on-site workers to speed up the building process.

Floor Plan Surveys

Floor plans are easier to interpret than professional blueprints. They can help when selling houses as buyers can visualise how they would live in the home.

Floor Plan Surveys

Furniture and any fixtures need to fit well in the space, so it’s important to have accurate drawings showing the positioning and measurements of different areas of the building.

Floor Plan Surveys

When building a new home or adding an extension, you want to be completely happy with the design before construction takes place. Whether you’d like to adjust the room size or move the window placement, floor plans are easy to change using a computer program. Our drawings would provide the basis for this.

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Floor Plan Surveys

The Process

When you have contacted us about your survey, a surveyor will have a consultation with you. They will discuss the purpose of the survey, the level of detail you may require and the project deadline.

Our experts will then visit the property,  taking interior measurements using a mixture of laser scanners, total stations and tape measures as appropriate.

Once the data is collected, we will create a well presented measured floor plan showing the layout of the rooms and their features. 

Finally, we will deliver the completed floor plan survey to you in the format you prefer – this is often a PDF or CAD file.

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We offer floor plans for various projects, from residential properties to listed, historic buildings. Some of the main applications of measured building plans are:

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Home renovations

If you’re renovating or extending your home, you will require detailed plans.


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New buildings

A floor plan survey is needed during planning permission for newly built homes.

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Commercial property development

When building commercial spaces such as offices and shops, floor plan surveys are used to obtain necessary permits.

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As-built surveys

These are used to create accurate records of existing structures which inform property insurance, rent charges, maintenance planning and asset management.

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Historic records

Details from the survey are important for heritage projects and historical records.

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Reflected ceiling plans

We also offer reflected ceiling plans – these can be incorporated into our floor plans. This shows the dimensions, materials, and other key information about the ceiling of each room.

Floor Plan Surveys

Why Midland Survey?

Our expert team has over 30 years of experience creating detailed floor plans. We use the latest technology to produce reliable results and get the plans to you quickly so your project can run smoothly.

Midland Survey has offices in Southam, Stroud, Leeds, Horsham and Milton Keynes and we provide our services anywhere in the UK.

Case Studies

We recently surveyed the floor plans of a 12th-century church in Warwickshire using a combination of our Faro scanners for the large open areas and our Revo handheld scanners for the smaller, busier sections. 

As you can imagine, a Grade 1* listed building of this age is going to be complicated in shape and layout with a distinct lack of straight-lined walls and perpendicular angles which Surveyors like to see! The scanning technology meant that we could accurately identify the walls’ position and even highlight those that were not even vertical. 

The Church PCC commissioned these drawings to aid with faculty applications for any proposed modifications to the building layout, identifying the current layout and highlighting the proposed changes. Listed buildings such as these are subject to strict planning regulations. Our floor plan drawing provides all the information that a designer or Architect may need. As you can see, all permanent features are shown and any height measurements are annotated alongside floor levels to give comprehensive detail.


A comprehensive floor plan survey can cost between £800 and £1,600 for domestic buildings like modern houses.

To survey a standard three or four-bedroomed house, it would take 4 – 5 hours of onsite work and a few days of office work to process and present the information.

Measured floor plans are used by architects, planners and other professionals involved in the design process of a building.

If required, we can calculate internal and external areas using our drawings. A third party can use our drawings for this too.

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