Level Monitoring Loughborough

The Project

Level Monitoring Loughborough

Midland Survey was asked to carry out level monitoring on a project in its planning stages in Loughborough. 

The project is set to be a sizable residential site and certainly had accessibility issues from the outset.

The site of this project is a hefty plot measuring 650 acres which meant consideration to how we needed to move and set up the equipment was at the forefront of our minds.

We were brought in to provide accurate level information to the client to determine whether there was any ground movement occurring and at what rate.

The project at hand has been presented to us by a well-known Planning Consultant that has regularly used our services at Midland Survey.

How we monitored the levels on site

Initially, 15 permanent fixed points were set into the ground at various points across the site. These were protected from the surrounding construction activity by large concrete rings.

By regularly monitoring the movement of these 15 fixed points, we were able to build a picture of the earth movement and at what rate it was changing.

With the movement proving to reside within the tolerances set out by the planners and us at Midland Survey, we were able to report back to the client with positive results allowing the project to progress.

Subsequently the coordinates of these monitoring points have been calculated twice a week using a high precision Trimble total station. In addition, we could measure the results against the previous readings provided in one of the initial surveys.

Obstacles faced during this project

The cumbersome site, which is still in its infancy, demands extensive cut and fill earthworks. The large construction firm who are developing the site are very aware of the planning conditions they need to adhere to to be able to progress to the next step of the build.

With this in mind, we needed to produce accurate and confident results to prove minimal movement to the grounds and earthworks.

No matter the weather, we faced it head on. As we’ve all noticed, this year has had its fair share of harsh weather conditions. With the suitable mode of transport, we have been able to combat any foggy, icey or recently, snowy conditions.

The ability to work round this is knowing the site and having a logistically conscious team working with us at Midland Survey.

You have to remain slightly flexible in the UK when you have all types of weather thrown into the mix.


How is the project now?

Latterly, as we can now prove that minimum earth movement is occurring, our attendance to the site has reduced to once a week.

As the project progresses and the contractors confidence increases our involvement will be less frequent.

We’re pleased to have handed over such a thorough report that has left the Planning Consultant ticking off one more planning condition. Furthermore, we’ve left the client very confident to move to the next stage of the project.

From small parcels of land to large, complex, industrial plants our team of experts are ready to support you whatever your survey requirements.