The Phone Mast Case Study

The Project

Here’s our latest Phone Mast Case Study.

During these last winter months, our Northern office has been working in partnership with an experienced Telecoms Company to help support their work on the 5G network upgrade.

This work has sent our Surveyors from our Northern office to the remotest and most beautiful regions of Scotland and in the future into North Wales too.


What Midland Survey did on this project

We have provided detailed topographical surveys surrounding current mast sites and in some circumstances on new sites. Level detail is important for these surveys as the masts are required to have a clear line of sight, to maximise signal coverage. Our GPS equipment has proved more than capable even in the most distant Scottish isles.

Obstacles and challenges faced 

The biggest challenge our surveying team found was actually locating the site or getting to it. In some cases, a long walk was required from the nearby access road to the mast site, after a long drive from Leeds the day before.

When conducting a topographical survey, it’s important to prioritise access to the site. This ensures that our team can collect accurate data and avoid errors caused by obstructions.

Without proper access, the survey may miss key features, leading to incomplete or inaccurate results. This can then lead to delays on the project itself.

The project going forward

It’s both the information and knowledge of our clients as well as our experience and technology that delivers the best results. We are proud to have a vast amount of experience in a variety of sectors so when we show up to a project, our theory always diverts to how we can complete the project efficiently.

Midland survey is here to discuss your project further no matter the initial constraints. if you’d like to get in touch with us today to discover our services, simple visit our Contact us page now.

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