Before starting a project, developers need to know about any ecological issues or limitations and how to minimise the negative impact on the site’s natural environment. Maintaining biodiversity is key to looking after an area where a site, albeit residential or commercial, will be built. And thorough ecological surveys can help to preserve biodiversity. 

At Midland Survey, we offer comprehensive topographical surveys which can include ecological surveys. Here we take a look into different types of ecological surveys to preserve your biodiversity. 

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

A preliminary ecological appraisal provides an initial site assessment and helps you understand the ecological challenges of the development. This early-stage appraisal will also inform you about the potential ecological impacts of development, therefore, it is a crucial ecological survey to preserve the biodiversity of the local environment.

Ecological Impact Assessment 

Ecological Impact Assessments (not to be confused with Environmental Impact Assessments) are used to identify, assess, and quantify the potential impacts of development on the environment, including habitats, ecosystems, and more. 

An EIA is also known as a Phase 1 Habitat Survey, since it involves mapping out the main habitats on the site, including woodland, hedgerows, trees, ponds, and more. 

Protected species survey

Fun fact, 7 of the most endangered species on earth are found in the UK. At Midland Survey, we provide comprehensive protected species surveys as part of our ecological survey services. 

Examples of protected species surveys include

  • Water vole surveys
  • Owl surveys
  • Bat surveys
  • Badger surveys
  • Bird surveys
  • Newt surveys
  • Reptile surveys

Botanical survey 

In-depth botanical surveys classify habitats and take note of any protected species. In the pre-development phase, a botanical survey helps you understand the possible effects on the trees or the vegetation in the area. Botanical surveys could thereby be key to protecting your biodiversity on a site.

Woman in a hardhat holding an iPad looking at wind turbines.

What if I need multiple ecological surveys? 

You may find yourself needing to do several different types of ecological surveys on a site, that’s certainly no problem with us. Our team at Midland Survey offer a variety of ecological surveys which can be integrated with our 2D and 3D topographical surveys.

How Midland survey can help

Are you looking to get an ecological survey done soon? We are the UK’s most trusted surveying business and we can provide ecological surveys to meet your needs. Our experienced surveyors have successfully carried out work on a diverse range of sites, and no job is too difficult. 
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