CCTV drainage surveys are the ideal solution for pinpointing issues and blockages that could affect the project flow. 

Being able to locate and eradicate issues with CCTV drainage surveys also saves time and money in the long run by avoiding unforeseen issues which could have been avoided at the beginning of the project or build. 

In addition, serious issues such as recurring blockages, surface flooding, or even subsidence could ultimately cause construction companies delays and face penalties if they miss their completion date, or even subsidence.

What does a drainage survey show?

A skilled surveyor using CCTV equipment will explore the existing drainage systems for various indications of damage, blockages and structural impacts on the project. 

We most commonly know CCTV drainage footage to be used in urban drainage for exposing large fat and waste collections which implicate the water system and infrastructure of major drainage works. However, In construction and in the pre-planning stage, CCTV drainage surveys are hugely useful when identifying fractures or collapses. 

Image of underground drainage.

Reasons you should have a CCTV drainage survey

From small-scale projects to large builds, a CCTV drainage survey can be an enormous help at the start of any project. There are a variety of different types of projects and areas that require CCTV surveys.

  • Building extensions
  • Large construction projects 
  • Sites that are prone to flooding 
  • Sites that need scoping out in the initial planning stages 
  • Existing buildings or structures 
  • During the construction process 

Benefits of a CCTV drainage survey

Prior to CCTV technology, construction took a more invasive method in order to figure out what was below the surface of the site and surrounding buildings. 

By using CCTV surveys construction companies and planners are able to scope out problems and drainage mapping in a cost-effective way with little damage. 

Your stakeholders, contractors, project managers, engineers and designers will all need access to the drainage network. The survey produced by the surveyor such as Midland Survey can be added to BIM. 

Having a clear picture of drainage and any issues allows multiple departments to all collaborate and problem-solve before structural implications escalate. 

What equipment is used for a CCTV drainage survey?  

Midlands Survey uses the cutting-edge Vivax vCam-6 push rod system and mainline pan and tilt crawler systems. 

Midland Survey’s highly experienced team of specialist surveyors are able to undertake a comprehensive CCTV condition survey of a broad range of pipe diameters, including culverts, up to a diameter of 1.8m.

How do we report our findings?

The CCTV condition surveys we offer are delivered with a professional report, accompanied by an AutoCAD drawing file provided by you or supplied by us upon request. 

Our detailed findings provide you with extensive and reliable information on the condition of the drainage system, indicating the location of any defects that are uncovered. If you’d like to discover more about our CCTV drainage surveys get in touch with Midland Survey today and we’ll be happy to help. Our experienced team are ready to answer your questions.