Have you got major plans to extend or redevelop a property or building? In order to do it safely, you will need to have a measured building survey carried out. Measured building surveys provide you with intricate digitalised recreations of the building’s cross-sections, internal and external elevations, internal floor plans, ceiling plans, and roofs. 

Modern building survey equipment and tools for measured building surveys have replaced traditional equipment such as measuring tapes and pencils. 

At Midland Survey, we passionately believe in doing everything we can to uphold standards and best practice while embracing the power of technology. We are the UK’s leading surveying business and we provide surveying services across a broad range of sectors

But just how accurate are measured building surveys today? Here we have taken a deeper look at the matter. 

Can you get accurate measured surveys for older buildings?

We provide surveys for all types of land and buildings, whether they be for residential buildings, country fields, commercial buildings, cathedrals, or schools. In short, we provide surveys for all types of buildings, old and new. 

Looking to redevelop, repurpose, renovate, or restore an old building and give it a modern transformation? Historic and listed buildings often have intricate structural layouts which differ greatly from modern buildings, this may include timber beams, thatched roofs, and old barns. The good news is that we can use modern technology to help provide accurate surveys for historic buildings.  

Image of a listed building property.

How technology increases the accuracy of measured surveys for older buildings

Using FARO scanners for external work and handheld 3D scanners for internal work, Midland Survey are able to provide highly accurate measured surveys for existing older buildings. This includes highly detailed measured surveys of floor plans, sections and elevations. After all, you need to know what you’re working with, and measured surveys help you out with that.

Take a look at the work Midland Survey conducted to use surveys to assess and resolve the structural issues at St. Albans Abbey. The goal of this work was to help improve safety conditions in an ancient building without affecting its historic integrity.

Architects and construction professionals require high-quality measured building surveys 

Who needs to view in-depth detailed accurate measured building surveys? The answer is that architects and other construction professionals, such as project managers, engineers, and surveyors, all need to view measured building surveys before they start to embark on their work. The slightest inaccuracy could have a significant impact on the building project.

How long does a measured building survey take?

The size of the building will have an impact on how long it takes to perform a measured building survey, but fortunately, we use the latest technology at Midland Survey and this helps to ensure faster turnarounds. Our senior staff will be able to give you a clear and accurate idea of how long we envisage the measured building survey should take. 

Being thorough and meticulous is everything when it comes to getting building surveys right. Of course, you need to factor in that other types of surveys may need to be carried out alongside the measured building survey. We also offer:

Image a man carrying out a topographical survey.

How much do measured building surveys cost?

Now, let’s get onto the topic of how much measured building surveys cost. A brief description of what survey services you need together with a site plan or an aerial view may be enough for us to be able to give you a price. 

However, since our surveys are bespoke to your needs, pricing can vary and it depends on the specifics of the project.

Generally speaking, measured surveys for smaller properties with easy access are cheaper and quicker to produce.  A measured survey floor plan of a simple flat that creates a CAD drawing of each floor may cost you around £1000 in total (plus VAT). More substantial projects usually cost more. You can request a quote here and we will get back to you. 

Get in touch with our team at Midland Survey today if you are looking to get a measured building survey in the United Kingdom. We will provide you with our professional insight into the best solutions for your surveying needs.