Image of measured building survey equipment.

How can measured building surveys be used on Historic Buildings?

November 2nd, 2023 by

In the UK, we take pride in protecting historic buildings, whether they are residential homes, commercial spaces, or belong to a heritage conservation organisation like […]

Image of surveying plans on a desk.

What is the importance of surveying in construction?

October 19th, 2023 by

We’re here to tell you more about the importance of surveying in construction. Whilst projects and builds span across commercial and residential properties, surveying is […]

Image of housing planners at a desk.

What data should I consider on a building survey?

October 19th, 2023 by

Building surveys are a vital component of any construction project, whether it’s a commercial build or a renovation. They provide essential information about the condition […]

Image of a building survey being look at.

How Accurate Are Measured Building Surveys?

October 6th, 2023 by

Have you got major plans to extend or redevelop a property or building? In order to do it safely, you will need to have a […]

Building near water Midland Survey

What is a Deformation Survey? Midland Survey explains

July 21st, 2023 by

If you’ve ever wondered about how we keep our structures safe from natural or man-made changes, you’ve likely stumbled upon the concept of a ‘deformation […]

How are measured building surveys used in construction?

May 5th, 2023 by

You may know how surveys are used in a domestic setting but how are measured building surveys used on major construction projects?  Between commercial and […]

surveyor with surveying kit measuring the landscape

What does an as-built survey look like?

November 28th, 2022 by

Your project’s as-built survey is one of the most instrumental reports to a successful build. Making sure you hand over the exact dimensions of the […]

Red BIM text with red roof graphic over text held with hands by man in red t-shirt

What is BIM in construction?

November 16th, 2022 by

In architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), technology has adapted to propel efficiency, communication and cost. These technologies have been implemented into construction projects nationally. The […]

What is a measured building survey?

August 24th, 2022 by

When undertaking building work on a property, it’s not enough to simply know what it looks like. You must know the specific dimensions of the […]